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Lobsters A La Cart

STOP PRESS: The Conquest of the Crustaceans - Giant lobsters take over!


A truly arresting sight as it rumbles towards you - filling your field of vision and ticking with its tentacles. Lobster à la Cart has been a huge hit with audiences up and down the country and has delivered more press coverage than any other show we know.


A huge surreal walkabout for parades, carnivals and outdoor spaces: riding in a cart pulled by a charismatic character, the inflatable illuminated lobsters are a sight to behold.



Perfect for seaside and food themed events, great on parades and illuminated at night it creates a huge impact for a relatively small price.


For those large scale events – we have two of them and they Waltz together – Strictly Come Dancing eat your heart out - this is the Dance of the Giant Lobsters.

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